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Our Progress is Your Profit

Everything we do at Coronga is driven by our desire to see our clients maximise their prime lamb profit.   Whether you are joining merinos or meat breeds, maidens or matrons, feed-lotting or far west, we have White Suffolk Rams that can do the job you need.


Figures for the Future

At Coronga, our figures give buyers confidence that our white suffolk rams will perform.  ASBVs are a reliable way to focus your prime lamb breeding program on what is important. Scroll down for listings of the current rams available


Experienced Breeders

Peter and Julie Jackson have been breeding quality, profit-maximising rams for prime lamb production for over 25 years at Coronga. Lambplan, artificial breeding and commitment to record keeping and flock health have produced consistent progress toward our breeding goals. We've done the work so you can reap the rewards. 

Coronga Breeding Goals

Our Rams are Balanced

Our breeding targets adapt in response to market demands and to assist your profitability. In particular we strive for the best balance between growth, muscle and an efficient birth weight. Your selection of the best rams for you will depend on the ewes you use. Coronga rams are used over Merino, Dohne, Corriedale, first cross and maternal composites, with great success over maiden and mature ewes. The very best ram for each of you may vary, but we pride ourselves on providing a balanced offering.

Muscling & Fat/Lean

 Coronga rams continue to excel for muscling. The resultant high dressing percentages and yield of prime cuts adds more dollars to the value of lambs, and their sires. We are trending to less leanness, or pFat values higher than the average minus 0.6. Many of the rams have pFat closer to 0 or positive which assists the early finish of lambs and gives flexibility to producers in what age to sell their lambs. 

Fecundity & 1st cross ewes

 The fecundity of our flock is demonstrated in the catalogue by the number of twins and triplets in the sale rams. They should make excellent terminal sires, and their fecundity will enhance their value as sires to breed cross bred ewes. 

There is growing interest in retaining Coronga White Suffolk x Merino ewes.  High lambing rates and milk, plus carcase attributes, can result in top quality breeding ewes. Trial results show favourable comparison of these ewes as profit producers compared to 7 other ewe breed groups,  including composites and Merino x BL. 

TCP - new LambPlan index

 The new Terminal Carcase Production (TCP) index is now in use, and will replace the 20.20 index. 

The evolving identification of eating quality genes enables progress for eating quality by stud breeders, passed on in the Coronga “balanced package” to commercial prime lamb producers. 

Feed Conversion Trials

This year Coronga invested in the first trials of feed conversion efficiency of progeny of different sires. The results indicated a big variation which could significantly affect the profitability of prime lamb production. The comprehensive data is still being analysed, and further work will hopefully lead to another profit enhancer built into Coronga rams.

Flock Health

Successful worm control at Coronga is due to pasture management with cattle grazing rotations, and strategic drenching and drench rotation. Coronga worm counts continue to be very very low so we do not submit counts for evaluation of WEC ASBV. All our Lambplan indexes including WEC values could probably be higher by about 2%  if we submitted WEC. These indexes include 20:20, LEQ and TCP. 

Stud Ewes For Sale Christmas 2019

CORONGA EWE lambs for sale june-sept 2019 born (pdf)


PoD 2019

It continues to be a tough season for most of us, but we marvel at the fortitude and resilience of our friends and clients in some parched areas of the state. We enjoy and value the relationships with our Coronga ram clients. We thank you for your support at the sale and hope you enjoyed inspecting our rams, quality testing our product (feasting on the BBQ roast lamb) and catching up with other producers. Your support in a difficult year is appreciated. 

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